Expand Your Horizons

Every year the Bauerle lab participates in the Expand Your Horizons program at Cornell University. This program is intended to get girls engaged in science by means of creative exercises, games and fun lab activities. We have designed a workshop about water transport in plants. See below for the description:

Water is essential to life. Unlike human being, plants cannot satisfy their thirst by walking to the fridge. Yet they have engineered fascinating mechanisms to get access to water and conduct it all the way from the soil to their leaves. Want to play like a plant root, build and use super straws to transport water and unravel the vein structures of leaves? Join our workshop!



Pictures show a game designed to learn about root growth and foraging strategies (top), lab activities testing the effect of vessel diameter on water transport (center), and  observing the speed by which water moves from the roots up a sunflower stem (bottom).