Undergraduate Researchers


Tommi Schieder: I am a plant sciences major in the class of 2019 and started working in the Bauerle lab since the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester. I have a keen interest in the study of trees, particularly how they function and communicate to one another and how this information can be used to advance the health of forest ecosystems. I am working as an undergraduate lab assistant to understand the nature of lab work and to get a better idea of what I want to study in the future along with what career path I might want to take.

Plant Sciences major Tommi Schieder ’19 has been awarded a DAAD-RISE internship and is one of only five students chosen from more than 1,700 to receive additional funding from the German Center for Research and Innovation Foundation.

This summer, Tommi will be traveling to the Technical University of Munich to research tree hydraulic redistribution, the passive movement of water that helps trees survive drought stress, a growing concern due to climate change.

Bauerle (right) orients Schieder to some of the equipment she’ll be using to collect data while on her internship in Germany.


josephine-2Josephine Wong: I am a Human Biology, Health, and Society freshman in the College of Human Ecology and I’m from Los Angeles, California.  I chose to work in the Bauerle lab as  my first experience as an undergraduate lab assistant as a way to branch out to different topics of science.  In being able to work in plant science, I can learn through hands-on experience and teachings outside of my major and truly explore my interests.  I am excited to be working in this lab and hope to learn from the wonderful researchers I work alongside!


hannah1  Hannah Fuller: I am a Plant Science major originally from from Portland Oregon  where I developed my love for moss.  Ask me about it, you won’t be disappointed!